D&D Steel

D&D Steel, Calgary, Alberta – Edmonton, Alberta – Red Deer, Alberta – Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatewan – Victoria, British Columbia – Canada. is pleased to offer the services of supply, detailing, fabrication and placing of rebar for your projects. We also are able to offer wire mesh, concrete accessories and post tensioning systems.


Finding a dental professional in your neighborhood is easy at GeoDentist Dentist Directory. To search for a local dentist or local dental practice simply click through any of the categories above, use the search box above, or do an advanced dentist search.

Pro Gardening Auger Systems

With the PRO GARDENING AUGER SYSTEMS you can: Easily and quickly create planting holes. (There is not a better tool for planting bulbs, than the 3″ Aug.) Effortlessly dig any size hole for tree, shrub, bush planting or post hole digging. A shovel is only needed to remove broken up soil.

Marina Wainer

Marina Wainer Actriz, dramaturga y directora y docente. Nace en Buenos Aires en 1962. -Segundo premio en el VIII Certamen de Monólogos de Tomilloso 1999 como directora y dramaturga en “La noche de Maña Bethania”. -Premiada en el VIII Certamen de Directoras de Escena 2005 del Teatro José María Rodero con el espectáculo “Sin Dios”…

Rocky Mountain Sales

Infomercials, Home Shows, Fairs, Sport Shows, Boat Shows, Automobile Shows, Livestock Shows and Rodeos are the normal showcase for these products. Millions of people attend these events each year and purchase everything from Ginsu Knives to PVA-Mops. Here is your opportunity to get these fabulous products at the same discounted prices that you can receive…

Alberto Wainer.com

AlbertoWainer.com – Nació en Zárate (Buenos Aires) en 1939. En 1959 (con autores como Osvaldo Dragún, Andrés Lizarraga, Ricardo Halac, etc.) fundó el Seminario de Autores Dramáticos del Teatro Popular Fray Mocho. Desde ese mismo año y hasta 1976 estudió , ente otros, con Agustín Alezzo y Hedy Crilla, e integró los elencos del Teatro…

Excellent Showers

“WELCOME TO EXCELLENTSHOWERS.COM Glad you could join us. We think that this site is your best source for up-to-date, stylish, top-quality shower solutions. We have everything you need to make showering become a daily pleasure, rather than an everyday routine.”

Citizen Canine

CitizenCanine.org – Citizen Canine is a non-profit network of individuals and organizations working together to promote responsible dog ownership and support the dog-owning community in Greater Victoria.


volaverunt.net – Home of Alejandro Wainer’s Poetry and writings. The prose and poems of a bilingual writer, some in English and some in Spanish – as well as a sometimes capricious blog.